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Carolina, who started at Solcor as an intern, is now a Project Developer in the team

The first internship may be just a brief stint at a company, but for Carolina it was the beginning of her journey at Solcor. In June 2021 the until then master's student in electrical engineering joined the team as an intern focused on evaluating the possibilities of collective self-consumption. Through her work, Solcor was one of the first companies in Portugal to implement this production method.

Today, Carolina, already a hired part of the team, performs functions such as the licensing of UPACS, works coordination, remote and preventive maintenance, among other activities. As a consequence of following closely the development of the projects, she maintains a close relationship with our clients, and is already known by many.

Carolina, as well as the rest of the team, contributes on a daily basis so that our clients receive the best care and service. Get to know more about Solcor Portugal and understand how we offer the best for your company.

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