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Collective Self-consumption: Solcor has one of the first active projects in the country!

Due to current economic conditions, the solar energy market is receiving high demand. As a consequence, new models of this energy production are being developed and implemented. One of these is collective self-consumption, which Solcor was one of the pioneers to register in Portugal.

This method of solar production works as follows: from a company with photovoltaic installation, it is possible to share or sell part of the surplus to other buildings. This sharing between the various members of the collective occurs in a "virtual" way, i.e. there is no need for any physical connection between them. What must be taken into consideration to be able to implement collective self-consumption is the proximity of the buildings, amount of surplus in addition to other analyses of the project.

At Solcor Portugal, the Museu do Caramulo was the first project to implement this model. Currently, part of the museum's surplus is shared with a building next door, which ultimately benefits both facilities.


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