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Get to know the Arruda dos Vinhos Volunteer Fire Departmen, courage aligned to sustainability.

The village of Arruda dos Vinhos witnessed 133 years ago the birth of what is now a highly respected and socially valuable institution. On June 10, 1889, a group was created with the intention of supplying the village needs and through this union formed the Associação Humanitária dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Arruda dos Vinhos ( Arruda dos Vinhos Voluntary Firemen Humanitarian Association).

The Association was possibly the first of its kind in this county. There are records of groups formed by neighbors and acquaintances to defend themselves from calamities and public problems, in summoning the authority, however the Association stood out for its logistical organization and material goods.

There are countless success stories in rescues, fires, among other tragedies that could have been alarmingly worse if it wasn't for the heroic effort of the volunteers who, to this day, perpetuate the values of the institution.

For all these reasons, it is with great pride that Solcor Portugal announces this partnership with the Association, which will take another step towards benefiting the community. Now, the Arruda dos Vinhos Fire Department joins the group of institutions that save on their electricity bill through Solar Sharing and also reduce their ecological footprint.

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