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"We didn't need to invest any of our own capital," comments Carlos Coelho, from DCF, S.A.

Diamantino Coelho & Filho continues its journey towards sustainability and is achieving good results.

At the moment of the final decision, Carlos Coelho, director of DCF, S.A. commented that "we have machinery that consumes a lot of energy, so the Solar Sharing proposal caught our attention". So, "the option of having solar panels without having to invest was definitely a point in favor of Solcor", according to him.

The administrator, who has been at the head of the organization for years, tells that even in just a few months of operation, the company is already seeing a difference in the accounts. "We didn't need to invest any of our own capital and today we are saving on our electricity bill!".

Throughout the project our engineers worked to find the best solution for Carlos' company. This characteristic is one of our main differentiators, as we always put the client's need first.

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