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Winner of more than 20 awards, Licofrutos is Solcor's new client

The West region of Portugal is rich in many beauties and traditions, and Licofrutos knew how to transform these elements into a recognized and awarded business. With the appropriate climatic conditions of this location, Licofrutos stood out through the production and commercialization of fruit products. Initially, its portfolio was concentrated on the cultivation of rocha pear, sour cherry and apples of different varieties. In 2011, handmade sweets and liqueurs produced without the addition of sugars and preservatives began to incorporate the portfolio of marketed products.

Without losing the essence of tradition, Licofrutos keeps the cultivation of its fruits in an integrated way, which helps to preserve the environment. The result is products with differentiated flavors that have already earned the company 21 quality awards.

For its solar panel installation, Licofrutos opted for the Solar Sharing modality, that is, it does not need to invest any of its own capital, and Solcor is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the photovoltaic installation.


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